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Sans titre (Evanescence), 2010

A white radiator disposed on a white base: at first glance, it could be a ready-made, an daily use object, elevated to a statue of a sculpture. Yet the (dis) proportions of the piece evoke an idea of modeling or even redimensionning, reducing of the original object. The radiator, disconnected from any piping system is accompanied by a soundtrack imitating a slightly perceptible flow of water. This sound, however, does not come from the object itself. Moreover, a phosphorescent varnish applied by the artist in the interstices of the radiator generates a light vibration which, doubled by the presence of the sound system, exudes a feeling of floating and lightness, while creating a strong contrast to the actual image of the radiator.
The object, visible in bright light, gives the visitor an opportunity to imagine what the piece would look like if seen in the middle of the night : a ghostly object which the surface, containing luminous particles, sets free its energy only in the dark.