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WHITEHOUSE « A CUNT LIKE YOU » 5’57 (1998), 2009
Series of drawings

This new series of drawings, presenting circular stains of charcoal powder, are the transcripts of music compositions chosen by the artist among the masters of the genre, starting with Christian Marclay and Günter Müller to O + Noto via White House or Autechre. The stains come from the speakers filled with graphite dust by the artist, so that vibrations caused by sound can spread this dust on paper throughout the duration of a song.

Prints, witnesses, or a sort of synaesthetic union of the act of listening and looking, these drawings condense, imprint the course of passing time on the surface of the paper and reveal a sort of dark acoustic suns, or incertain mirages of sound material captured by this contact of the dust, the sound and the paper.